Project Runway Recap: Episode 5, "Welcome to the Jungle"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode Five, "Welcome to the Jungle"

On this week's Project Runway, Heidi told the contestants that they would be designing an outfit for a high-powered, glamorous woman. I loved that Blayne immediately thought of Hillary Clinton — and then groaned to the camera that the last thing he wanted to whip up was a neon pants suit. Lucky for him, the client was not a trail-blazing politico after all. In Project Runway-land, "high-powered woman" is usually another way of saying "stars in her own TV show — preferably on an NBC network."

The mystery guest was Brooke Shields, whose Lipstick Jungle character, Wendy, desperately needs a look that will take her from day to night. Did anyone else immediately flash to that '80s working-woman icon Day-to-Night Barbie?

While it wasn't the craziest challenge ever, I definitely was happy to sit back and watch the designers sketch and pitch their ideas to Ms. Shields. Plus, things always get interesting when designers are paired up, so I knew we were in for some highly entertaining television (and with Blayne's sketch among Brooke's choices, it couldn't have been boring). Another thing keeping this episode spicy: extremely colorful language all night, including Michael Kors calling one look "Slutty! Slutty! Slutty!" Let's discuss it together — just read more.

Before I run through the collaborative looks, here are some other thoughts:

  • When Jerell ended up with Stella as his partner, he was so sweet to her that I had a feeling they'd work well together. They were pretty cute all night! I now have a soft spot for Jerell, his personal eclectic styling choices and all.
  • Last night provided one of those moments where you can really see how Tim's feedback can make or break a contestant. When he approached Korto and Joe about their big potato sack of a jacket, they listened and fixed it. I'm positive it saved them from the bottom two.
  • Best Tim line of the night: "I'm dubious."
  • Message to Blayne: Stop trying to make "Holla at your boy" happen.
  • Was it just me or did things get seriously potty-mouthed last night? I nearly spit out my drink when Jerell said, "Terri's running around like her sh*t don't stink." But that was nothing compared to Terri's "I don't know what he's packing: balls or vajayjay," in reference to Suede's lack of confidence. It was funny but a little on the trashtastic (trash-licious?) side for Project Runway.

As for the best and worst:

  • Jerell and Stella — Brooke loved their dress, although she wasn't thrilled about the belt (plus that was awfully literal with the jungle pattern). Heidi, on the other hand, loved the whole thing, and Michael thought the silhouette was gorgeous. I could see someone on the show wearing that; it just wasn't my personal taste, and I don't find that kind of silk around the boobs all that flattering.
  • Kelli and Daniel — This was the "Slutty!" look. First of all Daniel's defense of his "impeccable taste" made me so embarrassed for him, and even more so once Kenley started pointing and laughing at him. That was awkward and didn't seem appropriate in front of the judges. As for Kelli's design? It was atrocious and inappropriate for the challenge. I guess it made sense that she went home.
  • Keith and Kenley — Michael hit it on the head when he observed that these two probably brought out the best in each other. Kenley added some structure to Keith's free-flowing aesthetic that sometimes comes a little too close to Golden Girls territory, and Keith (well, and Tim) talked Kenley down from another Palm Beach-y print.
  • Blayne and Leanne — Ugh, what was Blayne thinking? First of all, why would a business woman wear that either to the office or out for drinks? Second of all, even as casual wear, his outfit looked so Forever 21, which is unacceptable at this level and for his client. That dude wears on me.

Was it fair to send Kelli home? Especially after we saw all the times Daniel messed up on the skirt? Did a cold shiver head down your spine when Nina stated that taste isn't something you can acquire and Kelli clearly didn't have it? And which would annoy you more: Stella's "leatha"-pounding or Kenley's laugh?

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