Project Runway Recap: Episode 4, "Rings of Glory"

Project Runway Rundown: Episode 4, "Rings of Glory"

Last night's Project Runway began as they all do: winner picks model, Heidi tempts us with a prelude to the challenge, the designers get a promise to the tune of "Tim will fill you in on all the details later." Lucky for us viewers, we got to hear what was in store mere moments later, but the designers weren't as fortunate, leaving Jerell to say, "I don't really have any idea where we're going to be going — I just really hope it has nothing to do with female wrestlers." Oh Jerell, that'll never happen again. Right?

Well, this week's challenge wasn't to wardrobe the women of the WWE, but it wasn't too far off. The designers were instructed to create an outfit for the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics. This didn't seem too "wack-a-doodle" (as Suede would say), but based on the reactions of designers like Daniel who had never watched an opening ceremony, it was. As he imagined it, "somebody holds a flame and runs around a track field." Which was off the mark, but not nearly as much as his dress was. Yes, he designed a dress, and most of the other designers did skirts, which resulted in a couple laugh-out-loud moments watching the models walk the runway.

To talk about (and see) what was so humorous, read more.

Before we get to a breakdown of the looks, here are some other random thoughts from the episode:

  • I truly think that the designers having access to the Olympic archives was to their detriment. Had they not been "inspired" by very feminine pictures from the past (when women didn't wear pants!), I doubt as many would have chosen to design skirts and dresses.
  • Dear Blayne: Clearly the tanning has gotten to your brain if you don't know what Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club is. You're not that young. However, I did love Tim's response: "Oh God, youth!"
  • Speaking of Blayne's tanning, and Stella's "leatha," and Suede's, well, Suedeness, I'm starting to think those three went to Reality TV School to learn how to be annoying but memorable. It seems to be working, since all three are still standing.
  • How moving was Korto's story about coming to America to escape a civil war? It really made me feel for her, and subsequently I'm now on team Korto. It's funny how a little back-story can do that.
  • Favorite line of the night: "As you can see, we're back to high school, and I just want to get to college."

Onto the judges' favorite and least favorite looks (and a bonus one that I just have to mention):

  • Stella — Although Stella wasn't officially in the bottom of the barrel, she really should have been. What was that atrocity? Her weird, belly-exposing black (black!) pants-and-vest combo was bad. Really, really bad. They've got to be keeping her around because of her character and not her talent, right?
  • Terri — Terri's pants, blouse, blazer, and scarf ensemble was perfect. I was obsessed with it. It was the most wearable and the most appropriate for the Olympics. Alas, she was robbed, but luckily the win went to my second choice.
  • Korto — Korto won the challenge with her pants and leather vest. It was very modern and it worked — not quite as well as Terri's, in my opinion, but I was happy nonetheless.
  • Jennifer — Jennifer was eliminated last night and, really, she should have been. Gold-striped pleated skirt with a navy cardigan? As Heidi put it "I just don't see Olympic, and I don't see America in it, at all." Well said. You know what else I don't see? Surrealism!
  • Joe — I cannot believe the judges liked Joe's design. This was one I was laughing at when it went down the runway. I mean, a skort? An uneven skort? No. At least it said USA. Literally, it did.
  • Daniel — Poor Daniel. His intentions were good, and his dress was kinda cute. It just wasn't right for the challenge. At all. Should've gone with Wonder Woman.
  • Jerell — I love how Michael started getting the giggles when Nina critiqued Jerell's design. I thought we were going to witness another Kors breakdown, but he managed to keep himself somewhat composed. If Jennifer wasn't heading home, Jerell should have been next on the chopping block.

Which look did you think was most fab? Do you agree that Terri was robbed? Were you sad to see Jennifer go? And fill in the blank: Jerell was dressed like Robin Hood because _____________.

Photos courtesy of Bravo