Preview Video Clips of New Fox Shows Human Target, Sons of Tucson, Past Life, Glee, The Cleveland Show, and Brothers

Check Out the New Fox Shows!

With Fox's Fall schedule announcement this morning, the craziness of network Upfront week is officially under way. In just a second, I'll share videos and photos of the six new Fox shows, but quickly, a few thoughts on the schedule:

  • Fringe on Thursdays? Seems risky to me — even if, as Fox's entertainment guru Kevin Reilly pointed out this morning, both Grey's Anatomy and CSI are down this season. Fact is, between Grey's and NBC's The Office/30 Rock combo, my DVR is booked, and Fringe will probably be the odd show out.
  • I know it's a sad day for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fans, who were pulling hard for the show to return. Here's what show-runner Josh Friedman had to say.
  • Reilly said the decision to bring back Dollhouse is "a bet on Joss Whedon" and added that he probably would have had "110 angry emails this morning from fans." Really, just 110?
  • Back in January, Reilly cited Malcolm in the Middle as the kind of comedy Fox wanted to develop. So I guess it's no surprise that Sons of Tucson is practically being called the next Malcolm by Fox officials — to the point that it's even taking over Malcolm's initial time slot in the Winter.
  • Speaking of which — the Fall is fine, but Fox doesn't really get interesting to me until January or so, when Human Target, Sons, and Past Life (which looks to me like Lie to Me but with otherworldly flashbacks instead of facial tics) all start.
  • It's no secret that I'm a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance, but I'm a little nervous about having another season starting in the Fall. I'm worried we'll be burned out from the Summer cycle and too busy with Fall TV to pay much attention — and I think Fox better hope season five is a good one with a likable winner so we'll be excited for another round! On the other hand, I appreciate that the schedule won't get torn to bits to make room for American Idol in January.

Enough of that — let's get to the clips! Just read more.

Human Target

Sons of Tucson


Past Life

The Cleveland Show


Photos courtesy of Fox