Pretty Little Liars Black-and-White Episode | Pictures

Go Inside the Black-and-White Episode of Pretty Little Liars

Emily and Hanna pair up to confront Spencer.

Source: ABC Family

In last week's episode of Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Hastings's character takes a dark turn. As we mentioned in our recap of "Bite Your Tongue," Spencer is closing in on Ezra, but all the time she's spent sleuthing has been to the serious detriment of her schoolwork. She ends up hitting up her classmate Andrew for a few of the pills from his prescription bottle, and it looks like she's heading for trouble. The synopsis for "Shadow Play," which airs next week, reveals the reason for the new noir aesthetic: "Spencer's numerous sleepless nights (with the help of prescription pills) start to take a toll on her as her hunt for Ali — and much needed answers — continues." Scroll down for the pics, and don't forget to check our recap when it airs!

Source: ABC Family