Playlist Challenge: 50 Songs for 50 States

Okay, Buzz readers, I know how great you are at selecting new casts for classic shows and hunting down the most buzzworthy movies, books and albums around, so I know you can handle this all-American playlist challenge! In honor of July 4th (and the great party PartySugar's been planning), I challenge you to name one song for each of the 50 states so that put together, we can make a playlist of 50 songs celebrating every corner of the country.

The guidelines:

  • The state name can either be in the title of the song or in a song lyric.
  • If the state name is in a lyric, please provide the lyric in your comment.
  • Official state songs do not count.

So get thinking and put your ideas in the comments section below! I'll re-post this challenge over the weekend and then I'll do a follow-up post with the master playlist on Wednesday, July 4th. If there are multiple songs suggested for one state, I'll choose one of them to put on the playlist. Good luck!