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Pilot Watch: "Bionic Woman"

Pilot Watch: "Bionic Woman"

The networks have announced their fall schedules, but which of the series will actually be worth watching? Throughout the summer, as I watch the pilots, I'll be posting my first impressions. Note that a lot can change before a show actually makes it to air, so these aren't comprehensive reviews, just quick thoughts on how the shows look now. Today's installment: NBC's "Bionic Woman."

What's it about? A remake of the 1970s classic, the show focuses on a bartender named Jaime who is nearly killed in a horrible car crash and is rebuilt with superhuman technology that gives her incredible strength, amazing vision and a whole slew of other powers. With the technology comes a whole slew of new responsibilities — and new enemies.

Who's in it? Michelle Ryan, Miguel Ferrer, Chris Bowers, Will Yun Lee, Molly Price. Katee Sackhoff of "Battlestar Galactica" will also star in several episodes, as will Isaiah Washington.

The good: The show is well-paced and slick-looking, and — though I'm admittedly not a special effects junkie — the effects looked cool to me. For a remake of a '70s show, it feels modern. Ryan makes an appealing main character.

The bad: Ryan might not be enough of a badass to be believable as a woman on a mission to save the world; Sackhoff comes off so much tougher in all the scenes the two share. The entire story line about Jaime's deaf sister has been reconceived since the pilot was shot, so there's a lot I can't judge yet.

Will I watch? I'm curious to see how the show works with a new actress in the sister role and a little time for Ryan to grow into her tough-chick persona.

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