Photos and Video From New CBS Show Mike & Molly

Pilot Scoop: Mike & Molly

There are a ton of new shows out this Fall. How to choose? With my handy pilot scoops, I've been giving you the pros and cons of each new program so you can decide what to watch and what to skip (don't forget to mark them off on your calendar while you're at it!). Today's selection: CBS comedy Mike & Molly.

What it's about: Melissa McCarthy (Sookie of Gilmore Girls!) stars as Molly, a woman fed up with her size. Her mother Joyce (Swoosie Kurtz) and pothead sister Victoria (Katy Mixon) are oblivious to her plight, chomping down on brownies in Molly's presence without giving it a second thought. So Molly seeks help elsewhere: from an Overeaters Anonymous group. It's there that she meets a cop named Mike (Billy Gardell). The two immediately bond over their similar struggle and begin a relationship.

Where it works: McCarthy is full of charm, delivering jokes with just the right touch of self-deprecation. When Molly complains about her weight, it never comes across as too whiny or annoying, a trap the show could have easily fallen into. Her chemistry with Gardell also takes on a sweetness that makes you root for them as a couple.

Where it doesn't: Some of the fat jokes feel tired already, and this is only the pilot. The Biggest Loser aside, how long can a show possibly last with weight-loss as its main hook? The writers will have to focus more on the relationship between Mike and Molly and comment less on their size in order for this to work.

Am I hooked? Not yet. I like McCarthy, but she's not enough to get me coming back every week. I'll be waiting to see if this one does well with critics and viewers.

When is it on? Mike & Molly premieres on Monday, Sept. 20 at 9:30 p.m.

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Photos courtesy of CBS