Photos and Video From New ABC Show Running Wilde, Starring Will Arnett and Keri Russell

Pilot Scoop: Running Wilde

I've already given you a refresher on the returning Fall TV shows, but we still have a few more newbies to cover too (keep them all straight with this calendar). For today's pilot scoop, take a look at Fox's new comedy, Running Wilde.

What it's about: Steven Wilde (Will Arnett) is the self-centered, not-too-bright son of an oil tycoon who lives in the lap of luxury thanks to daddy's dollars. Steven's only friends are the help and a competitive next-door neighbor, but he continues to long for the one childhood girl who got away: Emmy Kadubic (Keri Russell). Emmy now resides in the jungle with her fiancé (David Cross) and daughter Puddle (Stefania Owen), where they spend their days helping indigenous people. In an effort to get in Emmy's good graces (and her pants), Steven gives himself a humanitarian award so she'll return for the ceremony and the two can rekindle the old flame.

Where it works: Arrested Development writers James Vallely and Mitchell Hurwitz are behind the script, giving us small glimmers of the offbeat humor that made that show a cult favorite. Of course, it helps that they have some of the same actors — Arnett and Cross — delivering lines.

Where it doesn't: The series was already off to a shaky start when producers decided to re-shoot the pilot and swap a few cast members. Despite the change, the humor still feels like it's trying too hard, and some characters are grossly unrealistic to the point of being unlikeable. I'm also disappointed by Russell who feels like the wrong casting choice (even though I love her).

Am I hooked? I like the actors, so I'll keep watching and hope the show improves.

When is it on? Running Wilde premieres Tuesday, Sept. 21 at 9:30 p.m

More sneak peek photos plus a video promo when you read more.

Photos courtesy of Fox