Photos and Quotes of Sandra Bullock From Press Room at the Oscars 2010-03-07 22:30:00

Sandra Bullock Talks Kissing Meryl, Feuding With George, and Her Razzie in the Oscar Press Room!

Sandra Bullock's speech had many of us tearing up during her speech at tonight's Oscars and when she got back to the press room, she got yet another standing ovation. The best actress winner was humble, sweet, and funny — everything she's gained a reputation of being throughout this amazing award season. Her proud husband Jesse James hung out and watched her answer questions, though she wouldn't divulge what he whispered in her ear when she won and joked that he wasn't really tearing up when she went up to accept since he's such a tough guy. Here's some of the great Sandra quotes:

  • On expecting the win: "Are you joking? No. As I said up on that stage, you know, I questioned did I win it or did I just wear everyone down? I didn't aspire to this. I was in awe of it. I admired it. I got to watch it like everyone else did or present, but it wasn't something that I said, 'One day when I get the Oscar...' I didn't think the opportunity would ever present itself for me to rise to that occasion. I was okay with that and I was very happy working and this came out of left field, every pun intended. This is the film I said no to. No one saw coming and I think that's what makes it so overwhelming and unexpected. I look at the company I keep in this category and you can't pick. There's not one that rises above the others, and I love these women that I got to spend this time with ao I feel like I share it equally in five parts. We ladies need to stick together."
  • On kissing Ryan Reynolds and Meryl Streep: "Well, first of all, if you saw me in the scene with Ryan, no one noticed me because Ryan was in the scene naked as well. I looked fine but Ryan, who is my friend, is a freak of nature and it's disgusting the way he looks and all people see is him, naked. I think because no one expects Meryl to roll with the flow like that. I think no one realizes how much fun Meryl Streep is. I'm not going to tell you half of what she'd do or what she's done, but everything that Stanley Tucci said is right and then some. I don't think anyone expects her to do it. That's why it makes the headline. She's an awesome broad, and I think she's an extraordinary actor but she's also a really free, fun human being. I think it's because it was Meryl. I kissed Meryl. No one's ever taken the bull by the horns like that before, but I did."
  • On the pool incident she referred to in her speech: "See I could have taken that moment and gotten him back. There was also Tom Cruise involved in that as well, and I told them one day, in a very public forum, I would get them back, but George looked so tired tonight. I saw his little eyes and said, I can't do it to him tonight. You might want to ask George about that and see how much information he'll give because it was funny to everyone else but me. It was actually really funny, but not at the time. Ask George."
  • On All About Steve and the Razzies: "I want you to watch it. No interruptions, I want you to watch it . . . [The Oscar and the Razzie] are going to sit side by side. As they should. We're the entertainment business — that's what we're supposed to do. Take the good with the not so good. I had the best time at the Razzies last night. It probably means more that they happened at the same time. They're the great equalizer. They'll sit side by side on a nice little shelf somewhere . . . maybe the Razzie on a different shelf . . . lower."

To see more from Sandra on what she'll do next and advice for aspiring actors read more.

  • On advice for young actors: "Well, don't aspire to be in these shoes. Walk in your own. I mean everyone's really good at telling everyone else how to live your life or how to be or how to do it. Just don't listen. My mother beat it into our heads to be original, and I didn't understand that until later on and just everyone's unique and that's what makes people exciting to watch, I think, so just savor what you are and not what everyone else wants you to be."
  • On what she wants now: "Food. I just want a burger and I want some food. I want to sit down and take my shoes off. I want to eat and not sweat it and not worry the dress will bust open. Just eat. And I'd like a nap."
  • On what she'll do next: "I want to do everything. I've always been one of those people that I don't like when people tell me I can't do something. Just because, you know, I did commercial films doesn't mean I couldn't do wonderful small art house films. Just because I won an Oscar, I don't want to ever stop doing something that makes people laugh. I love making people laugh. I don't know what I'm going to do next. I sort of wanted this to sort of all die down, but I'm going make mistakes and I'm going to make everyone roll their eyes and I'm going to maybe do something that works, but I just want to keep working in every genre that I'm allowed to until I'm asked to not do it anymore."

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