Photos of Michael Mosley, Kerry Bishe, Dave Franco as the New Doctors on Scrubs

Meet Scrubs's New Docs on the Block

Now that Scrubs has an official premiere date (just a few weeks away!), it's time to check out the fresh meat we can expect for season 9. We already know that Bill Lawrence is taking the show in a new direction, this time focusing on the med students as Dr. Cox, Turk, and J.D. take their positions as mentors. We can expect to see those three in December, along with Eliza Coupe as Denise.

And now, on to the newbies. First there's Lucy (Kerry Bishe), who's been described as a go-getter and the first in her blue-collar family to attend med school. Then there's Cole (Dave Franco — yes, James's bro) who's supposedly overconfident and a little spoiled, which probably means it won't take long for Dr. Cox to knock him down a peg or two. Rounding out the trio is Drew (Michael Mosely) who's a bit older than the other two, and is returning to med school after dropping out years ago.

Though I thought Scrubs had a very poetic and fitting finale last season, I'm hopeful about breathing new life into the show. What about you — are you excited to see the new faces?

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