Photos of Hugh Jackman's Oscar Best Picture Parodies from Opening Number of 2009 Oscars

Hugh Jackman's Recession-Friendly Oscar Nominee Parodies

Among my favorite Oscar moments was Hugh Jackman's opening number, in which he took a recession-inspired look at the year's five Best Picture nominees. I had a feeling things were going to go well when I saw the Slumdog Millionaire set with pizza boxes for TV monitors, but it got better with Hugh posing in the wooden Benjamin Button cutouts and hit its high point with "I haven't seen The Reader!"

It was great live, but it's only in pictures that I've really noticed all the funny details. I would say that Milk lost out by only getting Hugh on a soapbox — but that soapbox went for $20,000 at Elton John's Oscar party, so it's not all bad. Check out all the photos here!

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