Perfect Couples Preview Clip and Pics Featuring Olivia Munn

Pilot Scoop: Perfect Couples

It's almost midseason time on TV, when the networks premiere a few new shows. I'll be getting you up to speed with my pilot scoops so you'll have the inside info on the new series you may want to add to your viewing lineup. I already talked about Episodes, and now I'm moving on to NBC's Perfect Couples, which is joining the new Thursday night comedy block.

What it's about: Three couples make up a goofy group of friends. Rex and Leigh are the young married folks who strive for communication and perfection, Dave and Julia are the most down-to-earth, seemingly "normal" couple, and Vance and Amy are the passionate twosome who are mostly at each others' throats.

Where it works: The relatable relationship storylines are familiar enough to hit close to home, but the humor is silly and exaggerated enough to keep you interested. The real success is from the natural comedians in stars Dave Walton (Vance), Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Amy), and Hayes MacArthur (Rex).

Where it doesn't: Olivia Munn's uptight character, Leigh, is a little one-note, and though the friendship and relationship scenarios are pretty funny, you have to wonder when they'll run out of interesting angles and just rely on cliches.

Am I hooked? Yes, for now I am. The pilot had me laughing out loud.

When is it on? Thursday, Jan. 20 at 8:30 p.m.

To watch a preview clip and see some photos of Perfect Couples, just read more.

Photos and video courtesy of NBC