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Paula Abdul's Manager Says She Won't Return to American Idol

Could American Idol Really Ditch Paula?

It seems like we've heard some variation on the Paula-Abdul-might-leave-American Idol rumors for years now, and every time, Paula's returned to her place at the judging table come January. But this year, Paula's own manager is saying he doesn't think she'll be back on the show — unless something changes fast with the show's producers.

Her manager told the LA Times that Paula doesn't even have a contract offer yet: "I find it kind of unconscionable and certainly rude and disrespectful that they haven't stepped up and said what they want to do," he said. She and Kara DioGuardi are the only two Idol judges not under contract: Simon Cowell's deal runs through next year, while Randy Jackson's on board through 2011. Plus, Ryan Seacrest has a new contract that includes a huge raise.

Meanwhile, according to her manager, Paula has never been particularly well-paid for her work on Idol. (Though that's gotta be relative . . . ) Even if the producers do propose a contract, he said she's "not a happy camper" at the way she's been treated and is already tossing around ideas for new shows she could do after Idol.

A lot of times, this kind of thing is just a PR negotiating tactic (Remember Katherine Heigl?), but still, Idol and Paula don't have a ton of time. The first round of auditions is nearly done for season nine, and the LA Times said the judges are supposed to get to work on Aug. 6. So tell me: Do you think Idol would be the same without Paula? Would you miss her judging antics? Or do you think it's time for her to sign off?

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