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Parks and Recreation Quote Trivia

Weekly TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

This week's TV episodes had lots of funny lines, but how closely were you paying attention? Can you tell a New Girl quote from a Parks and Recreation quote? Test your TV smarts below!

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"I don't know who Ann Taylor is, but I hate her and I want to kill her."
Max, 2 Broke Girls
BJ, Ben and Kate
April, Parks and Recreation
Jessa, Girls
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"If you haven't already, I strongly suggest you find yourself a new spatula."
Sherlock, Elementary
Mr. Gold, Once Upon a Time
Edward, Deception
Joe, The Following
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"I'm not jealous of a guy who wears boot-cut jeans, OK?"
Cameron, Modern Family
Jamie, The Mindy Project
Liam, 90210
Mike, Last Man Standing
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"You are not worth the calories I burned talking to you."
Olivia, Scandal
Thea, Arrow
Cristina, Grey's Anatomy
Caroline, The Vampire Diaries
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"I will Calcutta bitch."
Mike, Mike & Molly
Schmidt, New Girl
Max, Happy Endings
Chloe, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
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"I am really, really bad at breakups. Technically, I'm still dating my first-grade boyfriend."
Erin, The Office
Sabrina, Raising Hope
Mouse, The Carrie Diaries
Kat, Beauty and the Beast
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"She's John Cusack, I'm Ione Skye, and there is nothing weird about that!"
George, Suburgatory
Cash, Malibu Country
Ted, How I Met Your Mother
Dean, Supernatural
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"What do I have to offer a woman like that? I'm just a man-boy."
Finn, Glee
Gunnar, Nashville
Raj, The Big Bang Theory
Jake, Two and a Half Men
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