Outlaw NBC Drama Pilot Review

Pilot Scoop: Outlaw

Are you ready for Fall TV to start? I'm giving you a preview of all the new shows with my pilot scoops so you can be in the know too. Today's new series? NBC legal drama Outlaw.

What it's about: Playboy Supreme Court justice Cyrus Garza (Jimmy Smits) switches gears and resigns from the court when he's rattled by a heart-wrenching death row case. Vowing to change the system, he goes back to his roots as a lawyer and assembles the requisite ragtag legal team, including familiar faces like Jesse Bradford and Carly Pope.

Where it works: Veteran actor Smits is always fantastic, and he tackles the suave but conflicted role of Garza with aplomb. Plus, the aforementioned case evokes your sympathy and the desire for Smits and his team to save him.

Where it doesn't: In trying to make the show accessible, the writers painfully dumb down the story. The script also does no favors for Pope, who plays a cliched bad-girl private investigator.

Am I hooked: Not especially. While his acting may be great, Smits's character isn't particularly appealing; nor are his blandly written castmates.

When is it on? Outlaw premieres Wednesday, September 15 at 10 p.m.

To see a preview clip, just read more.

Photos courtesy of NBC