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Name That Movie: Twilight Stars Edition

It's a big year for the stars of the Twilight series, but not just because the franchise's final chapter, Breaking Dawn Part 2, hits theaters in November. The cast has been filling their résumés with nonvampire fare; Kristen Stewart had her moment in the sun earlier this year with Snow White and the Huntsman, while Robert Pattinson's flick Cosmopolis opens in more cities this week, and Ashley Greene's horror thriller The Apparition is out too. But how well do you know these stars' non-Twilight films?

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Name that Robert Pattinson movie:
Water For Elephants
Bel Ami
Remember Me
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
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Name that Kristen Stewart movie:
The Runaways
In the Land of Women
Snow White and the Huntsman
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Name that Ashley Greene movie:
A Warrior's Heart
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Name that Taylor Lautner movie:
The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D
Cheaper by the Dozen 2
Valentine's Day
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Name that Nikki Reed movie:
Chain Letter
Lords of Dogtown
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