One Character to Be Killed Off Of Desperate Housewives

Buzz In: Who Should Be Killed Off Desperate Housewives?

There are some changes a comin' to Desperate Housewives this Fall — apparently a plane crash will send at least one of the residents of Wisteria Lane to the grave. Marc Cherry is reportedly plotting to kill off several cast members, including a "fan favorite" during November sweeps.

Now there are plenty of dare I say "expendable" characters on the show to choose from. For starters, would anyone be particularly broken up to see John gone for good? Personally, I wouldn't really miss Karl either.

However, none of those characters quite fits into the realm of "fan favorite" which has me a bit worried. I'm thinking we might need to prepare to say farewell to Mrs. McCluskey, Andrew, or even Katherine (who now seems a bit superfluous since Drea de Matteo moved in).

What do you think? Who would you miss around Wisteria Lane, and who would you put on the chopping block first?