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Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

Number Crunching: This Week's TV Ratings

  • Investigating success. Most shows have lost ratings steam this season, but not CSI. Its season premiere on Thursday drew a whopping 23 million viewers — actually up from last year's premiere.
  • Weak Wednesday. Things looked bad last week, but they've only gotten worse for ABC's Wednesday lineup. Pushing Daisies drew just 5.6 million viewers, followed by Private Practice with 7.3 million viewers and Dirty Sexy Money with 5.9 million viewers.
  • Graying Grey's? The week off for the VP debate clearly didn't help Grey's Anatomy, which clocked in well below average with just 14.5 million viewers.
  • The new class. Several of this week's premieres got off to promising (if not mind-blowing) starts: Eleventh Hour and Life On Mars tied in their time slot with 11.6 viewers apiece; Kath and Kim drew 7.5 million viewers, and Saturday Night Live's Thursday night election season show pulled in 10.6 million viewers.
  • Small victories. Privileged is far from a ratings winner, but at least it stopped its slide, inching up to 2.3 million viewers.
  • This week in politics. The second presidential debate topped the first, with 63.2 million viewers — but that's still well below what the vice-presidential candidates drew last week.

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