Nikita Review

Pilot Scoop: Nikita

I've been working my way through the new shows coming next month to help you decide what's worth watching. The CW has two new additions to its lineup, and now that we've already discussed cheerleading series Hellcats, let's move on to Nikita.

What it's about: The series follows Nikita (Maggie Q), a spy/assassin who escaped the clutches of the CIA. After the agency killed her fiance, Nikita fled and vowed revenge. As we learn more about Nikita's troubled past and how she became a professional killer, we also get a peek inside Division, the CIA's training camp for new assassins. Run by Michael, we see what happens in the secret CIA branch through the eyes of Alex (Lyndsey Fonseca), a new recruit.

Where it works: I applaud the CW for adding an action show to their repertoire: Nikita definitely has an entirely different feel than the network's other guilty pleasures. Tiny as she is, Maggie Q is completely badass as she navigates through fights and gets out of slippery situations with the greatest of ease. She's fun to watch and I enjoyed learning the missing pieces from her backstory as she goes forward with her plan to take down Division.

Where it doesn't: Other than Nikita, the characters are pretty flat. Michael and Alex are both semi-interesting, but not enough to keep me invested. I'm also having a hard time envisioning the show's longevity, since the storyline seems like it could burn out after a few episodes.

Am I hooked? Not quite, but I'm not completely turned off either. I'll keep this one around for a few weeks to see if the other characters get more interesting, but I'm skeptical of how it will fare against heavy hitters like The Office and Grey's Anatomy.

When it's on: The series premieres on Thursday, September 9 at 9 p.m.

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