New York Movie Trivia

Name That Movie: NYC Edition

Contrary to popular belief, Woody Allen didn't direct every cinematic ode to New York City. Sure, he had some classics, but there is a wide breadth of movies with the city playing a prominent role. We took a cab ride down memory lane and picked out some of our favorite NYC-centric flicks — can you match the image to the title?

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Name that movie:
American Psycho
The Wackness
The Panic in Needle Park
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Name that movie:
Dog Day Afternoon
Midnight Cowboy
Gangs of New York
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Name that movie:
Taxi Driver
Wall Street
Donnie Brasco
When Harry Met Sally
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Name that movie:
The Warriors
Trading Places
West Side Story
The Basketball Diaries
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Name that movie:
Annie Hall
Breakfast at Tiffany's
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