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Name That Movie Challenge For Tropical Destination Films

Name That Movie: Tropical Destination Edition

Summer is here, the heat is on, and we've all got vacation on our minds. If you've been jamming to the sunny songs of Summer, then you might also appreciate this week's quiz; it's all about movies that take place in tropical destinations. Test your knowledge matching the picture to its corresponding title!

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Name that movie:
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Joe Versus the Volcano
The Heartbreak Kid
Couples Retreat
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Name that movie:
Tropic Thunder
Knight and Day
Six Days Seven Nights
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Name that movie:
The Beach
Cast Away
Open Water
Club Dread
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Name that movie:
Into the Blue
The Blue Lagoon
50 First Dates
Mamma Mia!
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Name that movie:
Blue Crush
Fool's Gold
The Big Bounce
Surfer, Dude
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