Movies With the Word Heart Trivia

Name That Movie: "Heart" Filled Edition

With Valentine's season upon us, we've decided to celebrate in a movie-filled way. Not all these films may be the romantic comedies you might associate with the holiday, but they each have the word "heart" perfectly placed somewhere in the title. Can you match the photo to the movie it comes from? And don't worry — even if you don't get 100 percent, we'll still love you.

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Name that movie:
Music of the Heart
Crazy Heart
A Mighty Heart
Hearts and Souls
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Name that movie:
Cold Heart
Hearts in Atlantis
Dark Heart
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Name that movie:
Places in the Heart
Where the Heart Is
Wild at Heart
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Name that movie:
Playing by Heart
The Heartbreak Kid
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Name that movie:
I Heart Huckabees
Young at Heart
Heart of Darkness
Angel Heart
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