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29 Times American Horror Story Scarred You For Life

Aug 22 2014 - 2:27pm

Don't get us wrong: we love American Horror Story [1]. Sure, it scares the crap out of us [2] sometimes, but that's part of the fun, right? There are other times, though, when the FX anthology show crosses the line. And sometimes, it goes so far beyond the line that it loses sight of the line altogether. While there has certainly been no shortage of fun, quotable moments on the show [3], there have been plenty of messed-up moments to match. Keep scrolling for all the moments that have probably scarred you for life, and get ready for the season-four premiere [4]; based on the first teaser [5], there's more to come.

When You Meet the Horrifying Baby in the Basement

When Moira Bites Off That Businessman's Penis

When the Rubber Man Rapes Vivian Harmon

When You See Beau, the Mutated Person in the Attic

When Dr. Harmon Is Crying and Masturbating

When You See Violet's Fly-Ridden Corpse

When Vivian Harmon Gives Birth to the Antichrist

When Adam Levine's Character Gets His Arm Ripped Off

The First Time You Lay Eyes on Bloody Face

When Dr. Arden Mutilates and Dismembers Shelley

When Dr. Thredson Tries to "Cure" Lana's Homosexuality With Aversion Therapy

When Bloody Face's Son Participates in Adult Breastfeeding

When Dr. Arden Gives Anne Frank a Lobotomy

When You Realize All of Dr. Thredson's Furniture Is Made of Human Skin

When Lana Attempts a Coat-Hanger Abortion

When Dr. Thredson Rapes Lana and Calls Her "Mommy"

When Multiple Asylum Patients Are Subjected to Electroshock Therapy

When We Find Out Zoe Has a Deadly Vagina

When We See Madame LaLaurie's Attic of Horrors For the First Time

When Spaulding Cuts His Own Tongue Off

When Madame LaLaurie Makes a Human Into a Minotaur

When Basically Everyone Is Giving Themselves Blood Facials

When Madison and Zoe Assemble a Bunch of Body Parts to Make a Frankenstein Boy

When Queenie Tries to Seduce the Minotaur

When Kyle's Mom Molests Him

When Luke's Mother Gives Him a Bleach Enema

When the Severed Minotaur Head Winks

When Cordelia Stabs Her Eyes Out

When Myrtle Snow Melon-Balls the Eyes of Her Companions

Did We Get 'Em All?

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