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Robert Pattinson Gets Sexy With Julianne Moore in This Trailer

Apr 14 2014 - 2:10pm

Robert Pattinson [1] did not get enough limo sex in David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, so the director is giving him a second chance with Maps to the Stars [2], the trailer for which just debuted. Mia Wasikowska [3] stars as Agatha, a pyromaniac recently released from a mental hospital. Her father (John Cusack [4]), a Hollywood self-help guru, hears about her release from a client (Julianne Moore) and vows not to let his daughter mess things up for his family again. Robert Pattinson plays a driver (who eventually ends up doing the deed with Moore in the backseat), Olivia Williams plays Cusack's wife, and apparently Carrie Fisher plays Carrie Fisher. This whole thing is bizarre, and I'm really going to need some more information before I'm sold on it, even with Pattinson's sexy appearance. There's no US release date yet, but the film should be out some time in 2014.

Source: Entertainment One [5]

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