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Buzz Trivia: How Well Do You Know Mad Men?

The third season of Mad Men kicks off on Sunday (yay!), and I thought it would be fun to see how much you know about the employees (and their loved ones) at Sterling Cooper. Take my little quiz to see how well you remember everything that went down in the first two seasons.

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Let's start with an easy one: What is Don Draper's real name?
Dirk Woodward
Dick Whitman
Dave Workman
Don Draper
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Peggy felt ready to ask for her own office after landing an account for what product?
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What is Salvatore's position at Sterling Cooper?
Art director
Account executive
Media buyer
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Why does Betty get rejected for the Cola campaign?
She's too old.
She can't really model.
She won't sleep with the exec.
Don refused to work for the ad agency.
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Ken's short story appeared in which publication?
Atlantic Monthly
The New York Times
Pacific Weekly
The New Yorker
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In season one, Pete returns a wedding gift. What does he buy with the store credit?
Golf clubs
A rifle
A new suit
A flask
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Who is with Roger Sterling when he has his first heart attack?
A random model
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In season two, Joan is given some additional work doing what?
Posing for ad campaigns.
Ironing Don's shirts.
Reading TV scripts for Harry.
Pitching campaigns to Roger.
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