Looking Season 1 Review

The Roller Coaster of Watching Looking as a Gay Man in SF

The Roller Coaster of Watching Looking as a Gay Man in SF

OK, I want to start this off by being clear: I did not like Looking at first. I thought the characters and the show were well written, and I thought it was a pretty groundbreaking take on the LGBT community — one I hadn't seen before. That wasn't the issue. I didn't like it because it was slow moving and ultimately lacked stakes. You can't lean on the fact that you're making a show about gay people and not worry about anything else. I expected compelling story lines that got me really wrapped up in the characters, and in my opinion, that's not what I got. I wanted to be able to look at the show outside of the characters' sexuality, to say the stories were SO good, it didn't even matter if the characters were gay or straight. It just wasn't that compelling. I wasn't at the edge of my seat until the sixth episode in the season. And that's a problem, since season one only has eight episodes.

But, after a slow start, and nearly half a season of waffling, I finally got hooked. The last three episodes of the season were great television; they had me at the edge of my seat, crafting hopes and wishes that would ultimately get dashed or fulfilled. I got what I was "looking" for all along: a really great show that had three-dimensional gay characters to boot. Take a look at my personal journey with Looking — in GIFs.

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