Johnny Depp is on the big screen yet again in this week's new release The Lone Ranger. Depp has been in the spotlight since the '80s, leading some of the biggest hits and winning the hearts of many a lady fan. He has a roster of great films, so see if you can ID each one by the images below.

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Name that movie:
From Hell
Sleepy Hollow
The Libertine
Finding Neverland
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Name that movie:
Benny & Joon
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
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Name that movie:
Dark Shadows
Donnie Brasco
Before Night Falls
Secret Window
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Name that movie:
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
The Rum Diary
Don Juan DeMarco
The Tourist
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Name that movie:
The Ninth Gate
Nick of Time
Ed Wood
Public Enemies
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