James Franco Movie Trivia

Name That Movie: James Franco Edition

James Franco steps away from his indie project and into major blockbuster territory with this week's Oz the Great and Powerful, but the actor has been making a splash since movies like Whatever It Takes. Find out how well you know Franco by matching the close-up to the movie it comes from.

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Name that movie:
In the Valley of Elah
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Name that movie:
Blind Spot
Pineapple Express
Date Night
Deuces Wild
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Name that movie:
City by the Sea
An American Crime
Nights in Rodanthe
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Name that movie:
Shadows and Lies
Whatever It Takes
127 Hours
Eat, Pray, Love
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Name that movie:
Tristan + Isolde
Your Highness
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Broken Tower
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