Interstellar Trailer

The McConaissance Continues With the Interstellar Trailer

Batman is in someone else's hands now, so Christopher Nolan is on to other things, like Interstellar, the first film directed and written by Nolan since The Dark Knight Rises. The trailer for Insterstellar is here, and in the future-set drama starring Matthew McConaughey, we find out why his character Cooper, an engineer in a farming community, is so sad in the teaser that was released last December (which you can watch below the trailer). As the Earth's resources are depleted, Cooper is recruited by Michael Caine's character to go on an outer space mission to find another planet that can sustain life, and Cooper has to leave his young kids behind. Though Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, and Casey Affleck also star in the film, the focus is on McConaughey (blink, and you'll miss all three of those actors). The movie comes out on Nov. 7, so watch the trailer now.

Watch the teaser: