Interstellar Teaser

Matthew McConaughey Is Mysterious in the Interstellar Teaser

Interstellar is the first film directed and written by Christopher Nolan since The Dark Knight Rises, so we're pretty excited about this teaser. The drama, set in the future, stars Matthew McConaughey, who has a powerful voice-over recounting humankind's achievements over old footage of astronauts and space exploration. Though Jessica Chastain, Anne Hathaway, and Casey Affleck also star in the film, McConaughey's is the only face you see. It's all very mysterious, and there are no details about the plot revealed, but we do know that Nolan's film also revolves around corn being the last crop to be cultivated on Earth. How farming and space will be reconciled will hopefully become clear soon, but until now — and the movie's Nov. 7, 2014, release date — this little taste will have to do.