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I Know What You Did Last Summer: 20 Reasons It's Still Relevant

Jul 14 2014 - 12:30pm

It's pretty much a given that the '90s changed the game when it came to horror films. Take Scream, which was the first example of a sort of meta horror: a film that flipped classic scary-movie tropes [1] on their heads. Other films, like The Blair Witch Project, introduced a new way to get your pants scared off. But you know what's constantly underrated and sometimes almost entirely forgotten? I Know What You Did Last Summer. Like Scream, it changed the name of the horror game. It had a great cast and kept you guessing till the end. But it's more than just that. Keep scrolling for all the reasons we love it.

The Title Is Just So Quotable

That Dastardly, Totally Badass Hook

Um, Ryan Phillippe's in It, and He's Shirtless

This Perfectly '90s Insult . . .

. . . And This Other '90s Insult

It's Infused With Real Talk

All the '90s Clothes, From the Overalls to the Tied Shirt

Those Classic "Jump Out at You" Moments

It's Still Righteously Gory

It's the Start of the Golden Duo That Would Later Star in Cruel Intentions

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Well-Displayed — Er, Assets

Um, and Let's Not Forget About Freddie Prinze Jr., Either

Classic Horror Tropes, Like Screaming, Dragging . . .

. . . And Chasing

It's Self-Aware

Plus, Ryan Phillippe [2] looks, like, really good in that tank top.

All of the Sarah Michelle Gellar Drama

Actually, Basically Everything About Sarah Michelle Gellar

It's Got Some Feminist Vibes, and We Totally Dig Them

But Really, It Freaked Us Out Pretty Good

And Finally, It Has That Perfect Surprise Ending

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