Grey's Anatomy Recap: Season Five, Episode Three, "Here Comes the Flood"

Grey's Anatomy Rundown: Episode Three, "Here Comes the Flood"

After a brief vice-presidential interlude, we return to Seattle Grace this week only to find it in a shambles. None of the Chief's recommitments to teaching really matter when the ceiling is literally crumbling all around you, right? Frankly, as far as Grey's Anatomy tragedies go, a little flooding doesn't really rate. But this episode still had some good moments that forced our residents to reevaluate where they've ended up, so to talk about it, just read more.

Now that Meredith and Derek are together-together, I suppose we can get used to a whole lot of domestic problems like this week's: Derek's moving in, so he assumes Izzie and Alex are moving out. Granted, it's understandable Derek would want some privacy with Mere while the McDream Mansion is being built; the man's been living in a trailer in the woods, so moving into a college-like housing situation probably isn't ideal. Imperfect as they are, Meredith's roommates are the closest things she's got to family, and it was good to see her stand up for them. But that's not before Alex shoots down Izzie's idea of them getting a place together and Cristina steals Izzie's perfect apartment out from under her nose.

Seriously. "You should have been more clear?" Sometimes I think Cristina lacks a soul.

Meanwhile, Alex spends the episode with a man who believes he's a walking dark cloud, a medical Charlie Brown who keeps having things go wrong. Unsurprisingly, he takes the brunt of the flood — literally in the gut — when the ceiling collapses in the middle of his surgery. That, however, leads the team to find and remove an unexpected tumor, saving the man from future misery and convincing him it's time to say hello to that cute girl at the supermarket. That prompts Alex to decide it's time to say hello to that cute girl he lives with, but even at her most vulnerable "why do I have no person?" moment, Izzie doesn't fall for it. Yet.

Some other thoughts:

  • I have decided that if I could have a superpower, it would be a photographic memory. It's the one thing that makes Lexie awesome ("Dude, a Lexipedia"), and she uses it to propose a surgical technique that could end a man's seven years of constant pain. But then she declines Mark's offer to scrub in on the surgery because she's helping George, which is still the biggest problem with Lexie.
  • Meanwhile, it's George's day to retake the intern test, which is a little hard when water keeps dripping all over your No. 2 pencils. It was good of the Chief to offer to stay with him and proctor the test.
  • Speaking of the Chief, when is he going to learn that listening to Bailey is always the right decision?
  • I loved Cristina's "no, really, punch me" pain tolerance test — and how Alex takes it as an invitation to slap anyone he sees. That felt old-school.
  • Meredith's patient depressed the heck out of me. It's bad enough that she's dying; it's worse that she's so desperate for human interaction that listening to Meredith's whining is a relief.
  • Just a few small developments on the Callie-Erica front, mostly that Mark won't stop teasing them and that I don't like Callie's super-straight hair.
  • Line of the night for me: "What would you prefer, Meredith, chocolate cake, or an STD?"

What did you all think? Happy the roommates are staying? Glad Callie threw something at Mark's head? Frankly, any episode where someone throws something at Mark is pretty OK in my book.

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