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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 21, "Desire"

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 21, "Desire"

As the title would suggest, this episode of "Grey's Anatomy" was all about desire and where it lands you — which, if the show can be believed, is a big, fat nowhere. Everyone saw their desires backfire this time, setting up a lot of heartache for the final episodes of the season, so for all the details (plus a TON of pictures), read more

First, I must address the penis fish. Yes, it's a bit obvious to have a guy who has an affair get a carnivorous fish stuck in his unmentionables, and usually I hate it when the medical cases are too perfectly related to the interns' lives. But I have to give them a pass on the penis fish. Not only did it lead to some of the best lines of the night — Mere's "It's no fish in my hoohoo, but it's certainly not an easy ride," for one — but it's just. So. Nasty.

I think "Grey's" has become my penis fish. Like Izzie said to George, it should give me a lot of joy, but often it feels like there's something's chewing up my insides. And while I thought this episode was OK overall, some of it was just too much.

Really, what I'm talking about is Izzie and George. First, they're working together with a guy who wants to be with a girl so much that he feels like he's on fire whenever she's around. Then, George has to deal with Larry-the-board-chairman's mistress. And then, Larry's wife tells George that she knows about Larry's affair — "The wife always knows." Add to that Callie stumbling on George and Izzie at the precise moment when George is shoving wedding cake into Izzie's mouth, and the plotline started to feel like a million anvils bonking me on the head.

I loved Callie telling Izzie off in the elevator, though; she really wants George back, though I'm not sure she actually had him to start with. And the Callie-Addison scene was awesome, with Addison telling Callie that if she's obsessing over all the time Izzie is spending with George, she probably has a reason to worry. And I'm curious to see if George will really transfer to Mercy West. Would that even solve anything?

While we're on the topic of Addison, it's time to talk about the Addisex. I loved Ava serving as the gossip hub of Seattle Grace, but her passing out before she could tell Alex the latest Addison scoop was, again, a bit much. It hardly mattered, though, because Addison took matters into her own hands and jumped Alex in the closet. That scene made me a little angry — I so don't want Addison to be the person who kisses an intern in the hallway — but I was also curious to see what would happen when they got together. And the answer is: nothing. Alex doesn't want her, and Addison wants more than hot sex in the closet. Plus, Mark isn't fighting for her; saying he gave into sex before the 60 days were up was an easy out, but it was the right move. I loved Addison's wistful glance back at Seattle Grace as she walked out — almost like she's about to leave for LA, or something.

Meredith and Derek are a mess now, too — and I'm pretty happy about that. Meredith has developed "girlfriend GPS," but Derek is pulling back. And I was glad he was able to overlook the fact that naked Meredith had climbed into his bed and say what someone has been needing to say for weeks: that he spent the scariest hour of his life trying to breathe for her after she let herself drown, and he's not sure he can keep breathing for her forever.

Burke and Cristina seem to be the only happy ones right now — and even then, I'm not sure if happy is the word. She could barely be bothered with his cake-tasting (I loved Bailey walking away with a whole cake), yet in the end they both settled on red velvet, and Cristina finally ditched her studying to make out with him (albeit only after he forced the flash cards out of her hand).

The Chief and Bailey had some good moments this time around, too (finally!). Larry gave the Chief a lot to think about, and now I'm not so sure he's going to retire after all. Meanwhile, he's trying to give Bailey a warning, telling her that she needs to step back before she, too, loses touch with her family. It will be interesting to see what happens with the race for chief resident, because Perky! Sydney seems ready to step in if Bailey backs down.

Next week: A very special "Grey's." Until then, everyone remember not to pee in the Amazon!





















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