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"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 12, "Six Days: Part Two"

"Grey's Anatomy" Recap: Episode 12, "Six Days: Part Two"

This week's "Grey's Anatomy" was a three-tissue episode. The follow-up to last week's "Six Days: Part One" was all about fathers: what it means to be one, to have one, and to lose one. In between, there were some shocking revelations and some steamy (and McDreamy) moments. If you haven't seen the episode yet, beware of spoilers, but if you want the details plus lots of pictures, read more

It's day four, and everything is the same (Meredith snoring, Derek not sleeping), except there's an empty spot on the fridge where Denny's check used to be. At the hospital, Alex and Addison awkwardly greet each other and tell Thatcher that his granddaughter is doing well. Meredith, Izzie and Cristina watch Thatcher fumble with his newspaper and spill his coffee, and Meredith insists she's nothing like him. The girls say otherwise. Bailey announces that an anonymous donor has put up the money for Heather's surgery, and Izzie tries to play dumb, but Bailey knows she did it and tells Izzie she's too emotionally involved, again.

On the patio, Callie rambles to Addison about George until Addison blurts out that she aborted Mark's baby. She says she wasn't even going to tell him, but then she did, and he went out and bought a calendar and marked the due date, which is today. She tells Callie she wanted to have a baby, but with Derek, and she just never figured she'd end up alone.

The interns watch Heather's surgery. Meredith asks Alex how it's going with Addison, and he's all "why would you say that?" George gets a page, then Meredith does, and Callie sees everyone leave and realizes something is happening with George's dad. Bailey tells the family that there's a kink in the tube that's helping George's father breathe, but because of swelling from the surgery, she might not be able to replace it. There's a very funny scene next, where George's family goes from despairing to laughing in the course of one fart, and I must point you to writer Krista Vernoff's blog, where she talks about how so much of what happens to the O'Malleys came from her own experience when her father died. Anyway, after a scary moment, Bailey manages to replace the tube.

Day five. Meredith tells Cristina she feels awful that George's dad is dying and her own father is perfectly healthy but she has nothing to say to him. George's mom and Heather's mom are bonding in the family waiting room, where George's mom says she's amazed they went through with her husband's surgery. George looks up like he's just figured out what happened and runs to yell at Bailey and the Chief. The Chief tells George they had to honor their patient's wishes to go ahead no matter what, and George shouts back: "He didn't know any better. You knew better."

Addison runs into Mark and says he looks miserable. He tells her that if she'd had the baby, they'd both be in New York now, and "I'd have a family instead of walking pneumonia and an ex-best friend who hates me." Addison tells Mark he's rewriting history: He was cheating on her, she knew it, and he didn't want a baby so much as he wanted to one-up Derek.

Day six. Meredith wakes up alone. Izzie's been up all night baking cobbler. Callie runs into Mark, and Mark realizes she knows about the baby. He asks if he would have made a bad father, and she runs him through some paces: Do you like kids? Do you remember birthdays and anniversaries? Mark concludes he would have been a terrible dad.

Bailey and the Chief tell George's family that his dad's organs are shutting down. George's mom and brothers ask George what to do. "He's just not dad like this," George says, and they agree to turn off the machines. Meanwhile, Meredith asks Thatcher if there's a side to his leaving that she hasn't heard. Thatcher says Ellis moved to Boston, and he wanted to come, but Ellis told him to stay away. "Do you snore?" Meredith asks. Thatcher says she gets that from him, and wax earplugs work great.

Cristina's in Burke's room when Derek tells Burke they've decided to let George's father go. Burke says uncle first by telling Derek he hasn't had any tremors all week. There's a heart-wrenching scene where George and his family say goodbye to his father, and when he comes out of the room, Cristina follows him. Izzie starts to go, too, but she spots Heather walking very slowly down the hall with a walker, and then she sees Bailey. She tells Bailey that she is a surgeon, and she's also a person who gets emotionally involved, and she can't give up either part. Cristina finds George outside and tells him now he's a part of the Dead Dads Club; her dad died when she was 9. "I don't know how to exist in a world where my dad doesn't," George says, and Cristina tells him that never changes.

Addison is drinking at Joe's when Alex comes in. Addison asks Alex if he has a dad, Alex says not really, and Addison leans in to kiss him. When Derek walks in to Meredith's room, he discovers she's left a packet of wax earplugs on his pillow.

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