Gossip Girl Recap "Empire of the Son"

Top OMG Moments From Gossip Girl Episode "Empire of the Son"

Gossip Girl Recap "Empire of the Son"

I don't call my Gossip Girl recaps "top OMG moments" for nothing! This week's episode has the ultimate OMG moment, one I've been hoping to see since the seeds were planted a few episodes back. To get there, we go to yet another party so Chuck and Lily can try to resolve their business drama with Russell Thorpe. A couple of revelations beget a potentially explosive outcome for Lily and at least one breakup, but enough about those — you know there's really one thing we're all dying to talk about. Read my OMG moments so we can get to the best one, and then make sure you join the XOXO Gossip Girl group in the Buzz Community!

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