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New Gone Girl Pictures: Piece Together the Clues

Aug 29 2014 - 5:30pm

One of the most anticipated adaptations of the year is coming, and when we saw the latest trailer for Gone Girl [1], we got extraexcited again. Having read Gillian Flynn's bestselling book, we're examining the footage, these clue-riddled posters [2], and the images from the movie too. These pictures highlight star Ben Affleck [3] as Nick Dunne, a man at the center of a murder investigation after his wife goes missing, along with a now-ominous wedding [4] picture. You can also get a look at Neil Patrick Harris [5], Rosamund Pike, and Tyler Perry.

Nick (Ben Affleck [6]) makes a mistake when he smiles smarmily in front of his wife's "Missing" poster.

Director David Fincher gave Affleck direction on the Missouri set.

Nick looks concerned while speaking . . . But is it concern for him or for Amy (Rosamund Pike)?

The wedding [7] picture! They seem so happy . . . Right?

Nick poses in front of the "Missing" posters.

Tyler Perry plays lawyer Tanner Bolt.

Here's Amy out in the dark somewhere.

Neil Patrick Harris [8] plays Desi Collings, Amy's smarmy ex.

Nick joins a search party for Amy.

Residents and reporters flood the Missouri town after Amy disappears.

Here's Desi looking sketchy at an event.

This behind-the-scenes shot shows director Fincher tending to Pike as Amy.

Amy — before or after the disappearance?

Nick . . . And the red panties.

Here's a shot of Harris behind the scenes.

This has to be from Amy and Nick's courtship years.

Who's Nick talking to?

Bolt advises Nick.

Whatcha thinkin', Amy?

Amy looks out a window, but from where?

Nick kisses his wife on the head.

Nick can't quite get the concerned-husband look right.

Nick confers with Detective Gilpin (Patrick Fugit) and Amy's parents (David Clennon and Lisa Banes).

Amy writes in her journal.

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