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Pilot Scoop: Golden Boy

CBS is bringing another drama about police politics to primetime with Golden Boy, about an officer who becomes the youngest commissioner for the NYPD ever. Newcomer Theo James stars in the leading role as the titular golden boy of the force, and before the midseason series premieres next month, I'm giving you my first impressions of the pilot so you can decide whether to give Golden Boy a chance.

  • What it's about: Walter William Clark Jr. (James) has become the youngest police commissioner of the NYPD in the shortest amount of time in history, and those around him have questions about how he got there. In present day, Clark breaks down his story, and we watch his trajectory in flashbacks while getting to know his secrets, his colleagues (played by Kevin Alejandro and Bonnie Somerville), and his mentor (Chi McBride).
  • Where it works: The usage of flashbacks is an interesting way to tell Clark's story, and it manages to feel fresh. Plus, leading man James is pretty swoon-worthy eye candy.
  • Where it doesn't work: Golden Boy isn't quite compelling enough to compete with other cop dramas. I found myself getting bored watching the pilot more often than I was entertained.
  • You might like this show if: You never get tired of police procedurals.
  • When it's on: Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on CBS

Watch a preview and see some pictures from Golden Boy after the jump.

Theo James and Kevin Alejandro on Golden Boy.

Stella Maeve on Golden Boy.

Theo James on Golden Boy.

Holt McCallany on Golden Boy.

Bonnie Somerville on Golden Boy.

Theo James, Kevin Alejandro, and Chi McBride on Golden Boy.

Source: CBS