Glee's Latest Episode Disappoints Fans

Buzz Blabber: Glee Leaves Us Underwhelmed

Glee returned to our DVRs this week, but it wasn't exactly a welcome reception. The performances were lackluster, the script was weak, and the jokes were sparse. Even Gwyneth Paltrow's cameo couldn't save the episode from the doldrums. Read on to see what readers had to say about the episode, plus this week's other debated topics.

Fans feel neglected by Glee's "Night of Neglect"

  • "Kinda scary how Glee seems to be going downhill...definitely the quality of the scripts/story lines has waned. I could not believe that I could not get through the episode, started cruising channels after about 10 minutes in....checking back periodically but finally just changed the channel and watched another show." — pjs411
  • "I love Glee, but I was disappointed too (especially since there was a break between the last new episode and this one)." — millarci
  • "90% of the writing made no sense (Finn's mom wouldn't come to the show, Emma?), and I feel like the show's become Gwyneth's playground." — stephley

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Does the preview for The Help ignore the book's darker undertones?

  • "Wow. This trailer disappoints me! I found the book to be much darker." — Annie Scudder
  • "Maybe the trailer is unfair to the film, but it looks like there is too much humor in it." — littlemunchkin
  • "Hopefully this film will reflect both the hope and dark side of the story." — stone_soup
  • Should Vanessa get the boot from Gossip Girl?
    • I feel it's all getting kinda's all so predictable...they need a new plot for everybody...and yes they have to get rid of Raina and Vanessa." — MissBeat
    • "I agree, Vanessa should go. She has overstayed her welcome." — gd101
    • "Poor Lonely Boy, he never gets the girl. I'm on team Humphrey for the rest of the season. I hope Vanessa falls victim to the escaped cobra at the zoo, she's painful to watch." — Katie Henry
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