George Clooney and Viola Davis Entertainment Weekly Cover

George Clooney Talks Competing Against Brad Pitt and Oscar Chances Alongside Viola Davis

George Clooney and Viola Davis on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

George Clooney and Viola Davis went black tie for the cover of Entertainment Weekly's latest issue. The actors are getting recognition for their respective roles in The Descendants and The Help, which could also mean Oscar nominations are in their future. George and Viola, who have worked together on films like Out of Sight, Solaris, and Syriana, sat down with the publication to talk about their Oscar chances, friendship, and their award season competition. Here's more from George Clooney and Viola Davis in Entertainment Weekly:

  • George on possibly being nominated alongside Brad Pitt: "Brad is my pal, and we're a long way from that discussion anyway. But I'd like living in a world where Brad Pitt has an Academy Award. I watched Moneyball and I couldn't do what Brad does."
  • Viola on possibly being nominated alongside Meryl Streep: "Can you wrap your mind around someone throwing you into the ring with Meryl Streep? You are in a fight with a 500-pound gorilla. I mean, you just throw up your hands."
  • George on Viola honeymooning at his Lake Como Villa: "I had just bought the place. And she was getting married, which I tried to talk her out of. [Laughs] But that didn't work out, so she had her honeymoon at my place."