Fringe Set Photos

Set Diary: My Day as an Extra on Fringe

That's me! Right there in front of John Noble (AKA Walter Bishop) on the set of Fringe. I don't usually wear my hair in an updo like that, and I don't normally seem so studious. But dare I say, I actually look like a real member of Massive Dynamic.

I visited Fringe's Vancouver location back in August, and although I've shared my cast interviews (check out my chats with Joshua Jackson and the other actors), I haven't dished on how awesome it was to be an extra. My TV debut actually airs tonight, so set your DVR, and then keep reading for how the entire experience went down.

My day started in Vancouver around 10 a.m., as I (along with about six other TV reporters) arrived on the Fringe set. First order of business: making us look scientific. After spending roughly an hour in the makeup chair and wardrobe trailer, I came out wearing a gray work dress and lab coat, and the production guys ushered me into a Massive Dynamic room where the cameras were already set up. Imagine my surprise when the director stationed me in the very front! John Noble came in to walk through the scene, and I must've had my face this close to the actor's. I'll admit I had a tiny fan freak out, even though I tried to keep it professional. After several practice attempts, the cameras started rolling, and we went through the action maybe five . . . ten . . . thirty times. The cameras had to capture every angle, in order to get everyone's reactions. I'll tell you what, I have a real appreciation for John Noble and how he's able to turn it on and off so quickly.

So what exactly happens in the scene? Walter is teaching a lecture at Massive Dynamics, and let's just say he's not himself. In his loopy state, he goes off on a total tangent (as Walter often does), and then he drops his pants! That's right, John Noble dropped trou in front of me. Peter and Nina catch him in the act, and put a stop to the madness by stealing him out of the room, leaving the rest of us onlookers with our mouths agape. It was incredibly fun to film, even if I did have to keep my best serious face on. I can't wait to see the finished product later this evening, but these photos should give you a better idea of what it was like. Check them out!

Photos courtesy of Fox