Divergent-Inspired Tattoos

These 5 Divergent-Inspired Tattoos Will Blow Your Mind

If I created my own #Dauntless tattoo it would say "Be Brave." in #Four-esque handwriting. What would yours be? @Divergent #Divergent— Divergent Lexicon (@DivergentNation) March 11, 2014

Source: Summit Entertainment / Tattoo Tony

Divergent fans will finally get to see the book come to life this weekend, and they also inspired five incredible tattoos that could have been taken right off the pages of the dystopian novel. The studio asked Twitter followers to submit their ideas for Dauntless-inspired tattoos and then had an artist named Tattoo Tony turn dreams into reality. Keep reading to see the five best picks — or should we say initiates — that made the cut and the people who inspired them. Though none of the characters from the novel or film don them in the first movie, it doesn't mean they can't pop up on Four's back or Tris's collarbone later on.

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Source: Summit Entertainment