Denzel Washington Movie Trivia

Name That Movie: Denzel Washington Edition

Denzel Washington hits marquees again this week with 2 Guns, a cop movie that has him paired with Mark Wahlberg. Washington has been around for what feels like forever, so see how well you've been following his career by matching the image to the title. Good luck!

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Name that movie:
The Hurricane
He Got Game
Devil in a Blue Dress
The Preacher's Wife
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Name that movie:
Training Day
Safe House
The Book of Eli
American Gangster
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Name that movie:
Déjà Vu
Inside Man
Man on Fire
Courage Under Fire
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Name that movie:
The Siege
The Great Debaters
Remember the Titans
The Pelican Brief
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Name that movie:
Antwone Fisher
John Q
Malcolm X
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