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Could Just Anyone Write Johnny Depp's Movie About Dalí?

Could Just Anyone Write Johnny Depp's Movie About Dalí?

A New Zealand newspaper is claiming just that.
According to the New Zealand Herald, Johnny Depp is set to play surrealist painter Salvador Dalí in the film Dalí. All he needs now is a script. And apparently he doesn't really care who it comes from — just as long as it's good.

The paper claims Depp is holding "open auditions" to find the right screenwriter. A source in the story says, "He's open to working with anyone — from housewives to pensioners — if the script is right." Now, how credible this source is remains to be seen.

What is it about Salvador Dalí biopics?
In addition to Depp's Dalí, Al Pacino is set to play the artist in Dalí and I and there has been talk of another one titled Goodbye, Dalí with Peter O'Toole. When asked about this shared interest in the painter 18 years after his death, Dalí producer Peter Rawley offered, "Filmmakers somehow pick up on the vibe. But three films is nothing, at one stage, we counted up to nine."

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