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Community and Parks and Recreation Quotes

Friday TV Quote Quiz: Who Said That Line?

We're so close to the season finales of all our favorite shows, but thankfully, there were lots of new episodes this week. There was many a funny quote, so it's time to play the quote quiz — can you match the quote to the character who said it?

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"He's really good-looking. Like network TV good-looking."
Andy, Cougar Town
Abed, Community
Puck, Glee
Nate, Gossip Girl
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"I went to a dark place, man. Like applying-to-grad-school dark."
Dave, Happy Endings
Marshall, How I Met Your Mother
Frank, 30 Rock
Jim, The Office
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"It tastes the way a baby's diaper smells."
Mercedes, Glee
Kelly, The Office
Ann, Parks and Recreation
Bailey, Grey's Anatomy
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"I hope this drink isn't teething because it's about to get nursed."
Robin, How I Met Your Mother
Jules, Cougar Town
Annie, Community
Ellie, Chuck
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"You worked at Anthropologie? That's like my dream job! How did you even get that job?"
Lily, How I Met Your Mother
Kelly, The Office
Terri, Glee
Penny, Happy Endings
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"Wake up and smell the Internet, grandma."
Jeff, Community
Luke, Modern Family
Jeff, Chuck
Liam, 90210
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"You realize your door is unlocked? I could be anyone! I could be a burglar trying to burgle you."
Bailey, Grey's Anatomy
Damon, The Vampire Diaries
Lewis, Hellcats
Troy, Community
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"I believe that assault should be legal if a person is a jerk."
Laurie, Cougar Town
Leslie, Parks and Recreation
Brittany, Glee
Claire, Modern Family
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