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Celebrity Twitter Tweets Quiz

Twitter Me This: Who's Tweeting Today?

Another day, another entry of my newest pop quiz, Twitter Me This! Here's a gander at what everyone in Hollywood is blabbing about today — can you match the tweet to the celeb?

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"I want to be the Jean Smart of my generation."
Jessica Simpson
Dianna Agron
Alyson Hannigan/Denisof
Busy Philipps
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"So apparently Helen Mirren has NEVER worn a Wonder Woman outfit? Thanks Google Image Search for killing my dreams."
Bob Saget
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Thomas Lennon
Joel McHale
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"I thought The Hurt Locker was a documentary about my high school PE experiences."
Nathan Fillion
Chris Colfer
Felicia Day
Cory Monteith
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"When I have a 5 dollar bill I like to draw an arrow to Lincoln's mole and write, 'ew!'"
John Cleese
Lily Allen
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Sarah Silverman
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