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Celebrity Twitter Tweets About the 2010 Super Bowl

Twitter Me This: Who's Tweeting About the Super Bowl?

This year's Super Bowl provided plenty of tweeting fodder for Hollywood, as they prepped snacks for their own watch parties and hunkered down on the couch. So for today's special version of my newest Twitter Me This quiz, see if you can pair up each of these game-related musings with its famous scribe (and don't forget to follow me on Twitter, too).

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"Was there some game on today? I kept hearing people in the next room yelling & I just assumed it was because of tonight's 'Teen Mom'"
Nicole Richie
Kathy Griffin
Nicole Polizzi (Snooki)
Mindy Kaling
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"Making homemade jalapeno poppers today. The task requires peanut oil and rubber exam gloves. Feel like I'm reliving my sordid twenties."
Diablo Cody
Demi Moore
Stephen Colbert
Neil Patrick Harris
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"This half-time show really makes me want to watch CSI."
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Thomas Lennon
Eli Roth
Rainn Wilson
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"Did you know??? 8 million pounds of guacamole is consumed on Super Bowl Sunday :)"
Jessica Simpson
Paula Abdul
Mandy Moore
Lea Michele
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"That Superbowl Google ad was maybe the best commercial I've ever seen. Incredible storytelling. Genius."
Jason Reitman
Joss Whedon
Ashton Kutcher
Josh Schwartz
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