The Cape Preview Clips and Pics and Pilot Review

Pilot Scoop: The Cape

I'm helping you get ready for midseason TV's new offerings with sneak peeks of all the new shows and my pilot scoops. Today, I'm giving you the insider info on NBC's superhero drama The Cape.

What it's about: In the fictional Palm City, cop and married father Vince Faraday (David Lyons) is framed for the police chief's death by masked terrorist Chess (James Frain). Disgraced and presumed dead, he's taken in by a wayward circus and gets a cape with special powers. He then starts a new secret life, as vigilante "The Cape."

Where it works: Frain is always an excellent villain, having honed his skills as the crazy Franklin on the last season of True Blood. Also, the special effects and visuals are fantastic.

Where it doesn't: For a superhero show, the pilot isn't as exciting as it should be. In fact, I was bored for most of the episode.

Am I hooked? No. I just couldn't get invested in Faraday's plight, but I'll give a couple more episodes a shot in case it warms up.

When is it on: Premieres Sunday, Jan. 9, at 9 p.m. on NBC, but it will switch to Mondays the following week.

To see some pics and a preview clip from The Cape, just read more.

Photo courtesy of NBC