Can Jessica Change Her Image With The Eye?

I tend to think of Jessica Alba as one of those actresses who's just famous for being hot. Apparently, Alba knows that and wants to lose the label, starting with her role in The Eye, a remake of a 2002 Hong Kong film. In the thriller, Alba plays a blind violinist who gets a eye transplant that gives her special powers.

Quite a departure from Honey, and from the sound of her recent interview with MTV News, she's relieved to be playing a role that's a bit deeper than her usual fare:

"I totally appreciate the stuff [I usually do]," the "Sin City" stunner said last week on the set of her latest movie. "But you know what? It's a lot more interesting for me to play someone who is blind and a classical violin player than someone who is running around in the rain wearing a white T-shirt."

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The Eye is being produced by Tom Cruise, and Alba's co-stars include Rachael Leigh Cook, Parker Posey, and Alessandro Nivola. According to MTV News:

For obvious reasons, the film seems destined for comparisons to such imports as "The Ring" and "The Grudge," but Alba's leading man insists "The Eye" will give American audiences something unique to look at.

"The challenge, anytime you're making a movie in a tried-and-tested genre, is to bring something that feels different about it," ("Jurassic Park III") said of the mission facing himself and Alba.

Well, Jessica Alba being cast as a blind violinist definitely feels different. But judging from these photos of Alba on set, it's not like she's pulling a Charlize Theron in Monster or anything. What do you guys think: Can Alba be a serious actress?