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The CW's Fall Schedule: My Take

The CW's Fall Schedule: My Take

The CW announced its intention to bring a bunch of rich kids back to the big screen at the network's upfront presentation yesterday, scheduling a 90210 remake and a show about surviving the "filthy rich". Now that I've had some time to mull it over, here are some of my thoughts on the schedule:

  • I'm surprised that the CW is putting 90210 and Surviving the Filthy Rich on the same night. Why not pair Gossip Girl with 90210 and One Tree Hill with Filthy Rich? Seems like that would give all the shows a boost.
  • I'm actually looking forward to Stylista, Tyra Banks' The Devil Wears Prada-esque show about assistants trying to work their way up the fashion magazine ladder. I'm surprised Anne Slowey is the magazine personality involved, though — when she's guest-judged Project Runway auditions before, I haven't found her terribly charismatic.
  • Speaking of Stylista, I guess we'll see if that gets big enough to make up for Elle reportedly losing all its ties to Runway!

Some other thoughts — plus pictures of the new shows — so read more.

  • Hooray for Reaper! The buzz had been sounding good on a renewal for a couple of days now, but that doesn't mean I didn't breathe a big sigh of relief when I saw the announcement. The current plan seems to be putting Reaper on Thursday nights with Supernatural once Smallville finishes its run, and I could see those two shows pairing well together.
  • We heard a few weeks back that the CW was drastically cutting back on comedies — but I didn't picture that meaning only having two on the schedule and dumping them on Friday nights! Also, there was talk at some point of wrapping Girlfriends up with a TV movie, but I haven't seen anything official about that.
  • Will this be the year the CW can really break out? It seems like they're going really hard for this teen and 20something niche, and I'm not sure if that will work forever — but hey, it worked for the old WB back in the Dawson's Creek ad Felicity days, right?

Some photos:
Surviving the Filthy Rich

Upfront 2008



Upfront 2008

Upfront 2008

Photos courtesy of The CW


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