Buddy Cop Movie Trivia

Name That Movie: Buddy Cop Edition

In honor of The Heat's release this week, we're putting your knowledge of cop comedies to the test. The buddy cop genre dates all the way back to spaghetti Westerns, but we're more familiar with the post-Lethal Weapon era, so most of these flicks are from recent decades. Find out how well you know your police partners!

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Name that movie:
Rush Hour
Beverly Hills Cop
Lethal Weapon
The Rookie
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Name that movie:
Lethal Weapon
Hot Fuzz
48 Hours
Bad Boys
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Name that movie:
Hollywood Homicide
Lethal Weapon 2
National Security
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Name that movie:
Cop Out
Rush Hour II
The Hard Way
Bad Boys II
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Name that movie:
The Last Boy Scout
Loose Cannons
Turner & Hooch
Starsky and Hutch
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